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Tasting Notes #2 - Blood Oath Pact 6 & Bardstown Bourbon Company Chateau de Labaude

What do whiskey drinkers do when a global pandemic is preventing us all from getting together? Socially distanced whiskey and cigars is the only answer here. That’s exactly what 2 friends (and fellow Bourbon Underground members) and I decided to do. Due to a couple recent pickups we decided to have a little bit of fun in the beginning before things started going downhill. We had recently come into possession of the Blood Oath Pact 6 – a Lux Row release finished in Cognac – and a Bardstown Chateau de Laubade – finished in Chateau de Laubade Armagnac. With some brandy finishes that could be cousins giving us a theme, we decided to take some tasting notes while sipping some actual Cognac and Armagnac in between. Nothing screams fun like three nerds doing tasting notes.

Tonight, we have Lauren, Warren, and Tyler – completely sober at the moment and anxious to get going.

Blood Oath Pact 6

Age: Blend of 14, 8, and 7 year ryed bourbons.

Proof: 98.6

Finish: Cognac casks

Retail: $100

Lauren’s Notes:

Nose: Hits first and strongest with nuts. There’s some oil there which may give away a bit of the palate, with oak and some light fruit on the backside.

Palate: The nuts continue with a strong profile of almond extract. Revisiting on second sip gives up a little bit of tea, earl grey if anybody can differentiate.

Finish: Short finish that is straight peanuts.

Warren’s Notes:

Nose: The first, second, and third smell is roses. After a few swirls it opens a bit and there are bits of leather and dill.

Palate: Medium bodied on the mouth, not too oily and not too dry with light hints of pepper.

Finish: The finish is short with hints of leather and tannins. Nuts take over after a bit.

Tyler’s Notes:

Nose: Notes of grass and leather strike first. After a couple swirls some cherry starts to appear.

Palate: It’s a medium palate and slightly oily. There is a sweet spice like honey and oak but also an earthiness to it with black pepper and nuts.

Finish: Some anise and spice but the finish has nuttiness written all over it

Intermission – drinks Cognac

Bardstown Bourbon Company Chateau de Laubade

Age: 12 years old, sourced from MGP

Proof: 118.4

Finish: 18 months in Armagnac

Retail: $129

Lauren’s Notes:

Nose: Sweet cherries with vanilla and cinnamon.

Palate: Stone fruit up front. There are hints of citrus and caramel and (this kind of makes sense) the Armagnac is distinguishable for anyone familiar with its taste.

Finish: Cedar up front, but the finish is long and turns to coconuts.

Warren’s Notes:

Nose: Sweet cinnamon with maybe raisin or plum. Definitely some light fruit and a bit of black pepper comes through.

Palate: Oily on the mouth. Tannic up front with some pepper and spices.

Finish: Long finish that leaves pepper in the mouth.

Tyler’s Notes:

Nose: Smelling this is reminiscent of a stack of maple pancakes. Getting over that, there is some leather and oak underneath but it’s subtle.

Palate: Medium mouthful but in your face flavor. It’s hot at first but sweet and not unpleasant – never had Armagnac but suppose this could be it. A little bit oaky, but dominated by pepper and spices.

Finish: Hot and oaky. Cinnamon and baking spices stick around for a bit.

Intermission – drinks Armagnac

My personal takeaway here is that I need to stick to whiskey, Cognac and Armagnac are not my thing, they are very hot and I am a baby (Lauren and Warren feel differently here. I mean they think about me, but for the Cognac and Armagnac). I do believe the Bardstown take ended up being more well rounded. That being said at its price point, I would still probably grab a Discovery or one of their other lauded finished products. The Blood Oath I’m disappointed in. I started drinking it at Pact 4 and remember that release to be sensational, but both Pact 5 finished in rum and now Pact 6 have really let me down.

This was definitely a fun experiment enjoyed with some good friends. It’ll take me a while to dive back into brandy-finished whiskey or really just brandy at all. Yall can have them.


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