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I’m Tyler, and it took until my late 20s to move from drinking anything available to focusing on whiskey. I’ve been seriously hunting for a few years now, and always seeking to try something new. I’m a member of the Bourbon Underground Nola Chapter, enjoy cigar pairings, and write reviews on what I’m drinking as time permits. On IG @Nolalikesbourbon

What are your favorite whiskeys?

If I’m looking at my bar and have to make a choice, I’m going with Michter’s 10 year bourbon for a classic oak taste, Rock Hill Farms if I’m feeling a sweet tooth, and whatever Peerless single barrel I have at the time.

What can you not pass up on the shelf?

I won’t waste words here by mentioning something allocated, but if any of my local stores have an Old Forester Single Barrel or 1792 Single Barrel store pick then it’s coming home with me.


I’m Lauren and I am a member of the Bourbon Underground Nola chapter. I have been drinking whiskey for about ten years; I started with a few sips of Maker’s Mark and never looked back. I enjoy trying new things, but wheated bourbons are always a go to for me. I am also a cigar enthusiast and rock drummer of many years.

What are your favorite whiskeys?

Anything from Old Forester is always an easy choice for me; one of my favorite bottles on my bar right now is an OFSB pick from 2015. If I’m celebrating I’ll probably reach for the Weller 12 or Michter’s 10.

What can you not pass up on the shelf?

I like high proof bourbons, so I never pass on Stagg jr. I always like to keep my daily sipper stocked at home so Redemption Wheated usually ends up in the basket.


I’m Cory, and I’m one of the original 12 founding members of the Bourbon Underground. I somehow stumbled my way into the dizzying world of whiskey a few years ago, and I’ve been  passionate about all things bourbon-related ever since. I’m an Executive Bourbon Steward with the Stave & Thief Society, and podcast on the Bourbon Daily and the Bourbon Breakdown with the ABV Network. I’m also the chairman of the board for Kids Can NOLA, Inc., the non-for-profit organization that puts on the New Orleans Bourbon Festival.

What are your favorite whiskeys?

Old Forester Birthday Bourbons and the Whiskey Row series, Michter’s Barrel Strength and Toasted Barrel releases, the Parker’s Heritage series (especially the older ones and the 11 year release), and all of the Four Roses Limited Edition releases. The Wilderness Trail wheated mashbill also makes the cut as a consistent daily drinker.

What can you not pass up on the shelf?

Great store picks, and whatever my local whiskey jockey calls me about (thanks Jeff). 

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