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Review #6 - Whistlepig Piggyback

Piggyback is the latest offering from Whistlepig and though it has been around for a while now, I finally decided to scoop up a bottle. This 100% rye comes from Alberta like most of Whistlepig’s line, the 6 year age statement is probably underselling it since this is a blend of ryes at least 6 years old, and the 96.56 proof is a nod to the birth year (1956) of Whistlepg Master Distiller Dave Pickerell who tragically passed in November 2018.

Overall, I have a very high opinion of Whistlepig products. While my introduction to Farmstock was lackluster, the single barrel program is phenomenal, and several releases of Boss Hog as well as the 18 year are on my shortlist of best whiskey I’ve ever had (even if a bit out of my normal price range). So, I’m going into this pour with high hopes I’ve found a product that I can keep as a daily drinker at the price of $49.

This pour sat in a glencairn for 10 minutes prior to tasting. Scores are between 1 (drain), 2 (finish but wouldn’t order at a bar), 3 (solid pour), 4 (actively seek out) and 5 (whatever it takes).

Whistlepig Piggyback

Age: 6 years

Proof: 96.56


Melted butter which I’ve come to associate with all of the Whistlepig 10 year pours I’ve had recently. There’s also the spice that you expect from a product that is 100% rye, and beneath it I also pick up some mint and herbs. 3.5


The mouth has a thin feel and lacks complexity, there is an initial sweetness like maple and the rye spices are there too. Coming back after a couple minutes I think there is a bit of green apple and cherry that accompanies the sweet aspect. A welcome change. 3.5


Cinnamon, rye spice, and there is a light heat throughout the finish. 2.5

Total: 3.17

This was pretty good. I didn’t go in expecting to be blown away, but I would put this at the high end of ryes that are readily available across most markets. If you have not tried, I would definitely recommend getting a bottle. The mouth ended up being much sweeter than I thought it would, and while I normally look for a spicy and peppery high proof bite with my ryes, this is an easy drinker that I plan to enjoy during a pool day or with a cigar. May not crack my permanent rotation, but definitely something I’ll be looking for once I need to build back up my inventory of lower proof bottles.


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