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Review #10 - Wilderness Trail 6 year Bottled in Bond

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Earlier this summer, Wilderness Trail released their oldest whiskey to date, a 6 year, Bottled in Bond offering of their wheat mashbill bourbon. These were initially released in a really beautiful box set with a couple of shot glasses, but unfortunately for me I was late to Kentucky and missed out, having to settle for two, plain old bottles of this bourbon for $69 each. Oh well.

I first found out about Wilderness Trail at the 2019 New Orleans Bourbonfest when I would constantly come back to sample pours of their, at the time, four-year offerings. In my mind I thought there was no way something so young, especially a wheated bourbon, should be so good, and I was really looking forward to a little bit of age. Now, here we are. Fred Minnick called this bottle, “One of the most highly anticipated bourbon geek bourbons…”, which sure, all of my bourbon nerd friends have been high on Wilderness Trail since before they began distributing in Louisiana. However, their reach is growing with a solid core line up and a great barrel select program – they’re quickly outgrowing cult status.

Get on the bus.

I drank out of a glencairn which rested 10 minutes.

Scores are between 1 (drain), 2 (finish but wouldn’t order at a bar), 3 (solid pour), 4 (actively seek out) and 5 (whatever it takes).

Wilderness Trail 6 year Bottled in Bond

Age: 6 years

Proof: 100


Cucumber and mint; I swear I haven’t touched my wife’s flavored vodka today. Sour apple candy comes through in addition to something like fresh cut grass. I felt a little all over the place writing these down with some sweetness, earthiness, and spice, but apparently if smelling colors is a thing then I smell green. 3.5


Picking up on sweet notes first. Lightly oily in the mouth with some caramel, vanilla, butter, and citrus. I get a bit of oak but not heavy. After a breath, swirl, and second sip there is a little more cinnamon and baking spice. In my pantry there is an orange flavored tea we really enjoy and that is the closest comparison I can come to – I mean that in a very good and enjoyable way. 4


Vanilla and oaky sweetness are the first to hit, and there is a nice hug that stays around for a good while. Enjoyable, but toward the end there were some tannins that, for me personally, detracted from what was otherwise a really nice finish. 3

Total: 3.5

Really enjoyable pour overall, and I’m glad to have a second bottle. $70 price range can be a little steep for a bottled in bond whiskey, but the age statement does add a premium to the normal offerings at $50-$60 so it didn’t bother me. If you’re on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, swing through Danville and check our Wilderness Trail. Beautiful distillery and some great offerings in the gift shop, including the 6-year-old.

It’s funny, though. I tried a friend’s bottle after taking these tasting notes, and I got heavy red fruit and cherry from nose to finish. *shrugs* He got one in a box.


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