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Happy National Bourbon Day!

Happy National Bourbon Day! We couldn’t think of a better day to officially kick off our website than today, so here we are. Who are “we” exactly? We’re a group of friends that have found a common ground in our love and passion for all things bourbon. We’re a diverse group (actually 2 groups now); we range from people that have just recently found their way to the spirit, we have some members that are trained in the Executive Bourbon Steward program from the Stave & Thief Society, and everything else in between. We have 12 members in each group, this is strategic (more to come on that later on). We learn from each other, we hang out with each other’s families, and we introduce curious and inquiring minds to the wonderful world of bourbon. On this site, we’ll be periodically posting tasting reviews, bourbon related news, and we’ll update our schedule for our outings and tastings. Stay tuned!

When we last met together at the Chimes in Covington, LA for our monthly “Friends and Family” gathering, 6 of us sat down and took some tasting notes on a release from one of our favorite distilleries, the Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon. Michter’s has been very good to our club, and we thoroughly enjoy their products. Here are a few notes from some of our members and distinguished guests:

Mike C. nosing the wonderful Michter's Toasted Barrel Bourbon

Cory W: (Founding Member & Executive Bourbon Steward)

Nose: Christmas cookies, caramel. Mild oak overtones.

Palate: Sweet honey and hot fudge sundae, very smooth and easy drinking.

Finish: Nice, dry lingering finish of baking spice, leather, and oak.

Adam A: (Member)

Nose: Toasted marshmallow/charred wood

Palate: Smokey, honey, caramel

Finish: Smoked wood, pepper, spices, cinnamon, cloves

Emilio R: (Founding Member)

Nose: Brown sugar, bread pudding French toast

Palate: Chocolate slight candy corn and cotton candy

Finish: Dry wood Tannin, Mineral notes

Mike C: (Member)

Nose: Graham cracker, frosting, baking spice, light wood, chocolate, hint of vanilla, marshmallow

Palate: Graham Cracker, Brown sugar, spice, Toffee, cinnamon. Medium body, semi dry

Finish: Medium to long, Blackstrap molasses, spice, charred wood

Jeff H: (Distinguished Guest; Spirits Consultant at Martin Wine Cellar)

Nose: Barrel char. Sweet caramel chews. Green coffee beans & allspice berries.

Palate: Soft. Charcoal & light brown sugar, bitter chocolate saltwater taffy. Karo corn syrup.

Finish: Dry wood tannin, allspice berry. Mineral water and saddle leather. Rich vanilla bean custard.

Bono: (Founding Member)

Nose: Carmel, charred barrel, and burnt sugar.

Palate: brown sugar, charred oak, and vanilla.

Finish: marshmallow, top of creme brûlée.

Overall consensus is that this is an exceptional pour, cheers!

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